Cosmic Corpse Society

Meet the Team...

  • 444LA / Lorenzo Broglia

    Organization Head
    Based in Milan, Italy, Lorenzo is a digital entrepreneur. In his life, he has experience in and is mastering Biohacking, team management and leadership. He is the Founder of CCS, as well as the mind behind the project.
  • Desert Rose / Andrew Lee

    Economy Head
    Born and raised in Malaysia, Andrew is an entrepreneur and CEO. Experienced in business strategy, pricing, and cost control, he is right hand man to Lorenzo and the Economy Head of CCS. When it comes to numbers, he’s the man.
  • Juju / Stephen Gladney

    Development Head
    Hailing from Atlanta, GA, United States, Stephen is a startup founder and former CEO. He has professional experience in sales, product management and software engineering. He is the lead engineer for CCS's smart contacts as well as this website.
  • Jape / Josh Pilon

    Social Head
    Josh is based out of Lewiston, Idaho, United States. Currently he is the Equipment Repair Division Lead for a regional communications network. His professional experience includes financial advising, real estate investment, sales, public speaking, and teaching. He is the social head in charge of spearheading marketing and communications for the CCS community.
  • Holypopcorn

    Visual Arts Director
    Located from Belgium he has an eye for everything visual. Having assisted startups, studied & worked in Graphic design, Marketing and Videography fields he is our Visual Director on the team foreseeing our marketing materials.
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