Cosmic Corpse Society

Roadmap 1.1

  • 25% of the mint

    The first Alien remains have been discovered in the Milky Way galaxy. Our scientists quickly get to work dissecting them to learn about their interesting anatomy. Their finding are then stored in the Area61 underground floors and the Cosmic Corpse Society is born. Meanwhile, the remaining research teams continue to explore.
  • 50% of the mint

    Our second research team arrives back from the Triangulum galaxy, bringing with them yet another new form of life. More autopsies are performed and the resulting research documents are again carefully secured. Crossing this phase, we will acquire our first land in the Metaverse, which will be the base for future events and competitions.
  • 75% of the mint

    Although having undertaken the most dangerous mission, with minimal chances of survival, the third team defies expectations and successfully returns to Earth. Not only have they have discovered more unbelievable new forms of life, but they've also discovered three new states of matter and advanced technologies beyond our own. These technologies are then brought to the Area 61 laboratories, where our scientists quickly invent ways to re-deploy the technology, in the creation of new ultra-speed space engines intergalactic commerce. It is at this moment that the $CCS token will be launched.
  • 100% of the mint

    Finally, a new message arrives. Our fourth team has utilized our new ultra-speed engines to leave the M51 galaxy and within the time it takes to smoke a cigarette, return back to the Area 61 lab, again with new corpses. There is still one team out in space. We lost contact with them long ago. They are presumed dead. Crossing the end of the mint, we will let the staking program begin.
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