Cosmic Corpse Society

A New Journey Begins...

Cosmic Corpse Society is an NFT collection of 4,000 unique aliens of 4 different species on the Ethereum blockchain. Our story starts on a routine discovery mission to Mars, where Cosmic Corp researchers discovered an abandoned lab and alien ships, full of advanced tech. Five teams from Earth have been sent to establish a new research lab called Area 61, with the sole mission of uncovering the secrets of the known universe. Fortune favors the bold. Join the Cosmic alliance.

  • OG Mint SOLD OUT

    The first 150 members of CCS will be entitled to test our unique minting mechanism to receive a Cosmic Corpse Society OG NFT. This NFT gets you special access to restricted areas on our website, Discord and metaverse land.

  • Loyalty Mint for ASC holders

    If you hold Anatomy Science Ape Club (ASAC), Mutant Anatomy Science Ape Club (MASAC) or Anatomy Science Club OG (ASC), you are entitled to a mint price of .001 ETH, up to your eligible amount of tokens. Click here to see how many loyalty mints you're eligible for.

  • Public Mint

    An additional supply of 2000 NFTs are available for anyone to mint for 0.05 ETH. This mint will also take advantage of our unique minting mechanism. There is no cap on the number of NFTs you can hold. Our NFT collection art has a very uinque characteristic that makes it different than most NFTs. Check our Discord for more info.

  • NFT Staking

    Do you like passive income? How about rewards? Yeah, we do too. That's why we have two kinds of staking programs. Staking CCS NFTs will earn $CCS rewards, and staking $CCS will earn double rewards in ETH and more $CCS. There are no minimums or maximums for staking CCS NFTs or $CCS. (see whitepaper for more details)

  • $CCS Token

    With a total supply of 10 million tokens, $CCS will be the driving force behind utility and commerce within the Cosmic universe. It will create unique ways to spend, earn, and trade your $CCS.

  • Metaverse

    Even though your $CCS can purchase exclusive items IRL, this project and its community will be fully realized when we arrive in the Metaverse. At this point $CCS will be able to fuel our economy and fund our growing ecosystem. Let’s build together!